Program pHealth 2017


Sunday, 14 May 2017

15:30-16:00 Conference Registration, Coffee

Location: Auditorium Technical University Eindhoven, the Netherlands

16:00-18:00 Tutorials and Demonstrations (all participants to pHealth2017 are invited)

16.00-16.30 plenary demonstration Detailed Clinical Modelling Services: Harrie Huisman, Director ZoomBIM b.v.

16.30-17.30 Parallel Short Tutorial 1: Clinical Modelling: William Goossen, Director Results 4 Care b.v.

16.30-17.30 Parallel Short Tutorial 2: Security in pHealth applications: Bernd Blobel, Professor, Regensburg University, Germany

17:30-18:00 Short Break (Exhibition area)
18:00-19:30 Welcome Reception at Senaatszaal (on Invitation, all participants are invited)

Welcome address: Carmen van Vilsteren, Director of Strategic Area Health at Eindhoven University of Technology

Welcome address: Peter Pharow, Organizer of the pHealth Conference Series

Welcome address: William Goossen, LOC Chair: – LOC Welcome Address


 Monday, 15 May 2017

08:30-09:00 Registration
09:00-11:00 Welcome and Keynote session Chairs: Andreas Lymberis, EC; and William Goossen, LOC

SPC Welcome Address: Bernd Blobel, Germany, SPC Chair

Welcome address: Bert Kabbes, HL7 The Netherlands

Keynote Speech: Bernd Blobel, Germany: “Requirements and Solutions for Personalized Health Systems”

Keynote Speech: Leonard Witkamp, The Netherlands: “Telehealth Application in Clinical Practice”

11:00-11:30 Coffee and Demo Break (Exhibition area)
11:30-13:00 pHealth Requirements and Basics Chairs:Peter Pharow, Germany; Ward Cottaar, The Netherlands

Invited Speech: Pekka Ruotsalainen, Finland: “Trust  – Essential Requirement and Basis for pHealth Services”

Paper Presentation: Meeting end user needs in collaborative medical device technology development research projects: A qualitative case study Frode Strisland, Ingrid Storruste Svagård, Hanne Opsahl Austad, Jarl Reitan (Norway)

Paper Presentation: A Realism-Based View on Counts in OMOP’s Common Data Model Werner Ceusters, Jonathan Blaisure (U.S.A.)

Poster Presentation: User Requirements’ Based Development of a Web Portal for Chronic Patients Georgy Kopanitsa (Russian Federation)

13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:30 Wearable and Mobile Technologies Chairs: Pekka Ruotsalainen, Finland; NN, The Netherlands

Invited Speech: Lenka Lhotska, Czech Republic: “Personal Portable Devices in the Light of the Internet of Things”

Paper Presentation: Wearable and mobile technology for safe and active living Mette Røhne, Elin Sundby Boysen, Dag Ausen (Norway)

Paper Presentation: Architecture and User-Context Models of CoCare: A Context-Aware Mobile Recommender System for Health Promotion Gineth Cerón-Rios (Colombia), Diego M. López (Colombia), Bernd Blobel (Germany)

Poster Presentation: A user study: Keyboard and applications to simplify smartphone adoption for seniors Hanne O. Austad, Anders E. LIverud, Richard Chan, Mette Røhne (Norway)

15:30-16:00 Coffee Break – Posters and Exhibition Area – Demo Corner
16:00-18:00 Innovative Materials and Methodologies Chairs: Diego Lopez, Colombia; NN, The Netherlands

Paper Presentation: Compliance or Conformance: What should interoperability focus on?
Frank Oemig, Bernd Blobel (Germany)

Paper Presentation: Information System of Personalized Patient’s Adherence Level Determination.
Maksim Taranik, Georgy Kopanitsa (Russian Federation)

Paper Presentation: Smartphones to Access to Patient Data in Hospital Settings: Authentication Solutions for Shared Devices. Frederic Ehrler, Katherine Blondon, Dominique Baillon-Bigotte, Christian Lovis (Switzerland)

Paper Presentation: Measuring Impedance in Congestive Heart Failure. Ricardo Silva, Jaime Cardoso, Filipe Sousa (Portugal)

Poster Presentation: Enhancing long-term motivation of cardiac patients by applying exergaming in rehabilitation training. Joe Volmer, Abdurrahman Abodahab, Patrick Dinklage, Marius Feltmann, Chris Kröger, Pernes Panta, Felix Schäfer, David Scheidt, Marcel Sellung, Hauke Singerhoff, Christofer Steingrefer, Malte Burkert, Heiko Krumm, Thomas Schmidt, Jan-Dirk Hoffmann, Detlev Willemsen, Nils Reiss (Germany)

Poster Presentation: Perspectives about Personalization for mHealth Solutions against Noise Pollution. Sara Kepplinger, Judith Liebetrau, Tobias Clauß, Peter Pharow (Germany)

19:00-22:00 Social Event: Conference Dinner Hotel Pullman, Eindhoven

 Tuesday 16 May 2017

09:00-09:45 Keynote session Chairs: Bernd Blobel, Germany, William Goossen, The Netherlands

Keynote Speech: Andreas Lymberis, European Commission: “Health & Care Innovation with Integrated Smart Systems: An EU Perspective”

09:45-11:00 Solutions for Personalized Care and mHealth Applications Chairs: Lenka Lhotska, Czech Republic; NN, The Netherlands

Invited Speech: Peter Pharow, Germany: “The Role of User Experience for Personalized Health Service Provision”

Paper Presentation: Adaptive Workflows for Diabetes Management: Self-Management Assistant and Remote Treatment for Diabetes Iván Contreras (Spain), Stephan Kiefer (Germany), Josep Vehi (Spain)

Paper Presentation: A Hybrid Algorithm for Fall Detection Serkan Turkeli, Fikri Elmas, Huseyin Tanzer Atay, Kenan Kaan Kurt, Remzi Yalın Sonmez (Turkey)

Poster Presentation: Real-time Constant Monitoring of Fall Risk Index with Fully-wireless Insoles Holger Arndt (DE), Stefan Burkhard (DE), Guillermo Talavera (ES), Joan Garcia (ES), Marc Codina (ES), Jeffrey Hausdorff (IL), Anat Mirelman (IL), Richard Harte (IE), Monica Casey (IE), Liam Glynn (IE), Mirko Di Rosa (IT), Lorena Rossi (IT), Vera Stara (IT), John Rösevall (SE), Cristina Rusu (SE), Carlos Carenas (ES), Fanny Breuil (ES), Elisenda Reixach (ES), Jordi Carrabina (ES)

11:00-11:20 Coffee and Demo Break (Exhibition area)
11:20-13:00 Addressing Behavioral Aspects Chairs: Frank Oemig, Germany; NN, The Netherlands

Paper Presentation: Classifying drivers’ cognitive load using EEG signals. Shaibal Barua, Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Bo Svanberg, Per Lindén, Shahina Begum (Sweden)

Paper Presentation: Open Dataset for the Automatic Recognition of Sedentary Behaviors. William Possos, Robinson Cruz, Jesús D. Cerón, Diego M. López, Carlos H. Sierra-Torres (Colombia)

Paper Presentation: A Two-Layer Method for Sedentary Behaviors Classification Using Smartphone and Bluetooth Beacons. Jesús D. Cerón (Colombia), Diego M. López (Colombia), Christian Hofmann (Germany)

Paper Presentation: Temporal trends of psychosociobehavioral factors underlying tobacco use: A semi-automated exploratory analysis of peer-to-peer communication in a health-related online community.
Vishnupriya Sridharan, Trevor Cohen, Nathan Cobb, Sahiti Myneni (U.S.A.)

13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:30 pHealth and Population Health Chairs: Filipe Sousa, Portugal; NN, Sweden

Paper Presentation: Architecture for variable data entry into a national registry.
William Goossen (The Netherlands)

Paper Presentation: Patient Summaries in context of large scale EHR networks with fine granular access control restrictions.
Patrick Mangesius (Austria), Samrend Saboor (Germany), Thomas Schabetsberger (Austria)

Poster Presentation: Portable qEEG and HD-tCS Device for Point-of-Injury Traumatic Brain Injury Diagnostics
Frode Strisland (NO), Jon Vedum (NO), Anders Liverud (NO), Steffen Dalgard (NO), Tomas Brødreskift (NO), Bruno Albert (UK), Alexandre Noyvirt (UK), Rossitza Setchi (UK), Karl Vene (EE), Henrik Herranen (EE), Maarjus Kirs (EE), Andrea Antal (DE), Klaus Schellhorn (DE), Haldor Sjaaheim(NO)

Poster Presentation: A web based tool to enhance monitoring and retention in care for tuberculosis affected patients.
B. Giannini, N. Riccardi, A. Di Biagio, G. Cenderello, M. Giacomini (Italy)

Poster Presentation: Decision Support Systems in Cardiology: a Systematic Review.
Aleksey Dudchenko, Georgy Kopanitsa (Russian Federation)

15:30-16:00 Poster Presentations
16:00-16:30 Coffee Break – Posters and Exhibition Area – Demo Corner






Closing Ceremony

Chairs: Bernd Blobel, Germany; Andreas Lymberis, EC; Peter Pharow, Germany; William Goossen, The Netherlands; Ward Cottaar, The Netherlands

Best Contribution Award

Presentation for pHealth 2018 in Oslo